Plymouth Congregational Church

Named in honor of Separating Congregationalists who sought religious freedom in the early history of America, PLYMOUTH Congregational Church, was formed as an independent Congregational church in the 1960’s. The church began to meet in the Women’s Club building just a block away from the current location. In 1967 they purchased their current facility from Temple Beth Shalom.

windows-webRenovations were made to transform the historic Temple Emmanuel into a place for Christian worship. The original windows were removed when the building changed hands. Over time stained glass windows depicting Christian themes were installed. A medallion of the Mayflower replaced the Star of David located¬† on the cornice, but traces of the building’s origins can still be seen in the Menorah chandeliers that still light the sanctuary.

Rev. Don Gilmore was minister at for Plymouth for 37 years. After his retirement there were two other ministers before Pastor Gary Gardell was called in 2009. Pastor Gardell retired at the end of July 2017.

Our new interim Pastor is Reverend Kelvin Jones. He is leading us to a bright future in the life of Plymouth. Now is an exciting time to join us and watch us grow.

We welcome you to come to Plymouth  to join with us for traditional worship, biblical teaching and warm fellowship.


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